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Will my case go to litigation? What could cause that?

Without prior experience, it is difficult to know what to expect if you are a part of a personal injury case. Each case is different, and each case has its own set of twists and turns. A good attorney is a necessity to navigate the process. For more information, contact our law firm.

To understand why a case would go to litigation, it is important to have a basic understanding of how the process works. Once the case comes before the attorney, the first step is to obtain as much information as possible about what happened. During the investigation phase, the attorney’s office will interview witnesses, gather evidence (both physical and electronic,) utilizing experts for the investigation, and contacting insurance companies.

Afterwards, the negotiations with the insurance companies begin. Evidence is gathered and damages are assessed. At this stage, your attorney will send the amount to the insurance company that will he or she feels is fair compensation for your losses. The insurance company will likely respond with a different amount and argue who is responsible and what is fair compensation.

During this negotiation period, if a fair settlement can be reached, your attorney will discuss the offer with you and a decision will be made. If the insurance company fails to return a fair and reasonable offer, the case will likely move on to litigation. Do you have questions about a potential personal injury claim? Contact us today!