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Save Yourself Unnecessary Heartache

Hold Their Hands and Save Yourself Unnecessary Heartache

With school beginning soon I want to remind parents that accidents can happen anywhere. Even in a daycare or school parking lot. I understand that mornings are rushed for parents with small children. They are juggling work and family and they are often in a hurry to get their kids to school or to daycare before their commute to work. Their phone may ring as they are struggling with seatbelts and booster seats. Parents are often distracted and their minds are often on the work that will confront them at the office.

enjoying nature with your kid

a father's Advice on Introducing Your Kid to Hunting

As a father, one of the best things I have ever gotten to share with my own little boy was my love of nature and the sport of hunting. Teaching the skills of a hunter to my own five-year-old son is not something I take lightly. It is a serious responsibility for any parent to undertake, and something I wanted to make sure I got right.

Youth Football Team - Pop Warner Football

Pop Warner Football and Youth Sports Safety

Sports are a big part of my family’s lives. Youth sports are an essential part of growing up for many reasons. Like most people that live and work in this area, my son will likely grow up playing Pop Warner Football. We hear a lot about the risk of youth sports these days, and for a good reason. New research has shed light on the long lasting effects of even moderate concussions in football among other sports.

Hunting Season Safety

Hunting season is (almost) open. Are you SAFE?

Houston SmithThe autumn leaves have begun to fall from the trees. The days are shorter and the air is a bit cooler. This is one of my favorite times of the year. With the advent of fall comes traditions we all enjoy – raking leaves into piles and carving faces into pumpkins.  Fall is also a time for another favorite tradition: the fall hunting season.