Safe Travels! The Best Summer Road Trips In and Around the DFW Metroplex

It’s officially mid-summer, and along with all its splendor comes great expectations of road trips, family reunions, vacations, college tours, and more. We place lots of value on these events as we anticipate seeing sights, and loved ones, and choosing new paths for education. But we should also place value on preparing for the unforeseen. Unfortunately, we can’t get through a summer season without being faced with daunting statistics about car and truck wrecks. Between the growing population and the seemingly never-ending road construction, we all need to do what we can to reduce the risks of being involved in a crash.

Here are some tips to reduce the risks of being involved in a crash:

  • Spare yourself from getting stranded—make sure your tires, including your spare, have air, and the pressure is where it needs to be. Most large tire repair franchises offer free tire and air pressure checks without you even having to get out of the car.  We suggest you get this done before you get too far out of town in areas where you must rely on smaller repair shops.
  • Check your vehicles fluid levels and ensure that there is adequate coolant in the radiator. An ounce of prevention can save you a pound of money and frustration.
  • The evening before you get on the road, make sure your headlights are bright enough and operational.
  • Get an earpiece for your phone and keep it on at all times while driving. Crash studies show cell phone use is one of the largest causes of accidents in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
  • Slow down! Even if you are in a hurry, speeding will only increase the chances of an auto accident. Trying to get there a few minutes sooner can cost you. Multi-tasking is hard enough to accomplish when we’re home and it certainly shouldn’t be attempted on the road. Do not eat, apply makeup, or read while driving.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have roadside assistance like AAA at our fingertips, but if you aren’t part of such a membership, help is still available. The Texas Dept. of Public Safety offers a Motorists Helpline if your vehicle is disabled, or you’re stranded on the side of the road. Check out their traveling tips as well. They can be reached at (800) 525-5555.

Once you’re prepped and ready to hit the road, here are some cool summer-weekend destinations:


Sunset over Austin, Texas

Just a 3-4 hour drive from most areas of the Metroplex, Austin is a great weekend getaway. Aside from it being the State Capitol, home of the Texas Longhorns, HBCU Huston-Tilloston University, and a fun destination for water sports, spas, and shenanigans on 6th Street, it is also loaded with black history that can be discovered through Black tours, multiple museums, and even the Texas State Cemetery where legendary Congresswoman and activist Barbara Jordan was the first African-American woman to be buried. Explore the soul food and more at black-owned restaurants, and check out points of interest you might not be aware of like Six Square, the city’s Black Cultural District. Click for almost everything you need to know about Black Austin.


Looking for a sandy beach town along the 32-mile Gulf of Mexico coastline, head four hours south of Dallas to Galveston. And, if embracing history is on your radar, you’ll want to visit the Galveston & Texas History Center, offering in-depth documentation of “Black Galveston.” It covers the entire spectrum of African American life in Galveston from slavery, Juneteenth, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights movement, and on to the present day. Visitation is by appointment only.  Tap the link for more.


Burning up the road south toward Houston is an easy trek for DFW residents. Just 3 1/2 hours away, if traffic works in your favor, there are plenty of things to do.  For African American culture, consider visiting the Museum of African American History, the Buffalo Soldiers Museum, and Bethel Park, the former site of the historic Bethel Baptist Church.  You can also check out Blaq Fridaze Volume 24, an event dedicated to bringing a sense of community and support to its neighborhoods and businesses. A gathering of local H-Town Blaq-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists showcase their talents, while simultaneously offering education and awareness to a generally underserved group of people. This takes place Fri., July 15, 2022, from 5:00p – 9:00p. Visit the link for more information.  Houston is also home to Texas Southern University and nearby Prairieview A&M in Prairieview, Texas, two well-known HBCUs.

If you came to party, you won’t be disappointed.  THE PLUG,  beckons you every Friday @ 02 Lounge, Houston. Come experience the #1 Afrobeat Vibes Party, no cover, and valet parking. Hit the link for more information.

For all the “foodies” out there, here are three restaurants that may pique your interest and  summon your tastebuds back to Galveston for more:  Leon’s Finest In & Out Bar-B-Que, Allen’s Kitchen & Grill, and Soul 2 Soul Cafe

And if you’re strictly about barbecue click for a cool list.

San Antonio

If you thought The Alamo, Sea World, and the River Walk were San Antonio’s only attractions, you are missing out!  Black Culture awaits you and your family, just head south and settle in for the close to five-hour drive. By taking a deep dive into this wonderful city, you’ll learn some Black History facts you might have never learned in school. Speaking of schools, San Antonio has no shortage of colleges and universities including UT San Antonio and the Art Institute.

San Marcos

If you love exploring the outdoors, this home to the San Marcos River and more, is your kind of vacation spot. About 225 miles south of Dallas, San Marcos is also the headquarters of some of the best brunch spots in the state. And like most cities, San Marcos has black roots including the Calaboose African-American History Museum.

Go North!

 There are some cool attractions in North Texas too.  Home to Denton’s University of North Texas and a lot more including Texas Sunflower Farms.  African Americans have long played a role in Denton. Check out the Denton African-American Museum and volunteer opportunities at the Denton Black Film Festival.   If you or your family are into dinosaurs, drive an hour north of Denton to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas.

With gas prices nearing $5 per gallon, here are some family and community events in and around Dallas:

Blusey Tuesday, sounds like fun, particularly if you’re not ready to cut ties with the 4th of July spirit. The Dallas House of Blues features an acoustic show from 5 – 7p & band from 8 – 10p. every Tuesday from July 5th thru December 29th. Hit the link for more information.

The Ladies – Charity Showcase, a monthly stand-up comedy show, designed to benefit various women’s charities around the Metroplex, aims to please. 7:30p to 9p, the 4th Thursday of every month, July 7th thru August 4th at the Dallas Comedy Club. What a great way to support a cause.

JFK Food & Culture Tour – three sit-down restaurant tastings, optional cocktail pairings, a bonus dessert, and a shopping stop. July 7 – December 22, all available at the Historic West End Warehouse District. For more information on timing and tickets, be sure to follow the link.

If you’re an art enthusiast or aspiring artist, this has your name all over it. The Crayola Experience Plano will curate their expertise in colors and watercolor painting at Reunion Tower /GeO-Deck, July 7th thru July 27th – you’ll have an opportunity to make a masterpiece while enjoying 360-degree views. Follow the link if you like the sound of that.

Kids are welcomed at Showtime Saturday; Galleria Dallas at the Play Place, 3rd Level, 12:00p – 2:30p, every Saturday, July 9 thru December 26. What a great way to entertain out-of-towners or an awesome way to say, “Merry Christmas,” or both. The link above will provide everything you need to know.

Dallas Best Tacos and Margarita Tour “coined” the Sampling Adventure. A diverse collection of four stops, featuring: street tacos, gourmet tacos, and eclectic tacos, including the 5-time winner “Best Margarita in Dallas.” Hosted by Dallas Bites & Sites Tours, July 9th thru December 26th, 12:30p – 4:30p. Click the link for more information.

Your health and safety are our biggest priority. Whether you’re driving to your vacation destination or entertaining your family and guests in or near the Metroplex, if you’re in a car wreck or truck wreck, we’ve got your back. The Law Offices of Houston M. Smith is here for you 24/7.