Commercial Truck Accidents

Most road accidents cause bodily injury or damage to property but road accidents involving large commercial trucks usually result in catastrophic deaths or injury. Commercial trucks are bigger than other vehicles, weighing at least 40 tons. They are longer, typically, 53 feet in length. They take up more road space and they need more time to turn or tocome to a complete stop.

Our very own Houston M. Smith is hosting a Bicycle Helmet Giveaway Safety Event on Wednesday, June 7, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Ben Gil park and Pavilion. We will be giving out 150 helmets to the children in our community to promote child safety and raise awareness of the the importance of wearing bicycle helmets. 

Most of us will be involved in an auto accident at some time in our lives. And contrary to popular belief, most accidents are due to unforeseen events, not due to a driver’s recklessness.

A common concern of accident victims is whether their case will go to trial.

While the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled without the necessity of litigation, the possibility of a case going to trial always exists. If a trial is necessary, it’s often for one of the following reasons:

Always wear a seat belt in the car - even as a passenger

For decades, common knowledge in the State of Texas has held that your use or disuse of a seat belt cannot be addressed by the defense in an accident injury case.  Most Texans have operated under old knowledge. It is true that until very recently the lack of seatbelt use could not be used to demonstrate negligence on the part of the injured person.